Monday, August 27, 2007

Penne with Spinach and Feta

Tonight's dinner:

From my Allrecipes Cookbook. The recipe can be found at this link. I originally made this so I could add ham that I had left over, but then I forgot. It is a really simple, and delicious dish. I served it with breadsticks, applesauce and limeade. It was a delicious dinner!

All the work is in prepping the ingredients. Crumbling the feta, chopping up the tomatoes and cooking the penne (or mostaccioli) beforehand. Then it takes about 5 minutes to make this delicious dish.

This was also a hit with my kids, which is always good to note. My kids eat salad easily, but avoided the spinach in the dish. They ate the pasta and cheese though, so I figure some of the nutrition rubbed off the spinach into the sauce.

Which is one thing a picture can't really show - how saucy this dish really is. The tomatoes break down and mix with the feta and make a really great simple sauce. It is a thin sauce, but it surprised me how much sauce there was.

This dinner qualifies as a quick meal, a la Rachel Ray. With the previously made homemade applesauce, I had my son make limeade and the breadsticks took the most time, maybe an hour total. Quick and easy!

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