Thursday, August 21, 2008

Orange Cream popsicles

My son has been gaining a big interest in cooking this summer. He watches Good Eats with me, and asks if we can make various recipes. He helps when it interests him, but leaves boring things like stirring for long periods of time over the stove, for me to do.

At his request, we searched for and chose a recipe for creamy orange popsicles. I'm not really sure what prompted that request - we'd looked at popsicle recipes before, but never creamy orange ones or any variation close to that and I can't remember him ever having an orange creamsicle either. But whatever the reason, that's what he wanted to make as a surprise for his dad one day, so we started them.

It's a drawn out process, as you make a sorbet and a custardy ice cream mix and then shape them or mix them in a mold as we did. The recipe we used was from Gale Gand at the Food Network.

However, I didn't juice fresh tangerines or lemons, we used canned orange juice and lemon juice in the name of simplicity. And we used popsicle molds instead of making little balls as her recipe suggests. I put in chunks of sorbet and then squished the custard mix over the top. They may not be as pretty as store bought ones, but the taste was even better! Try 'em! :)

ETA: We loved these a TON. We're going to be making them again I'm sure. I have a few ideas for streamlining and making it a one day process, they are so tasty!

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