Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Oatmeal Porridge

Our favorite breakfast for the past few months has been oatmeal porridge. It is a simple recipe you start the night before, and it has made it so that I can't eat instant oatmeal any more, it's so good. Serve with hot chocolate on a cold morning for a good warm you up breakfast. :)

Put equal parts regular oats and water in a bowl, add 1 Tbsp of whole milk plain yogurt or creme fraiche and mix. (I do 2 cups oats, 2 cups water, 2 Tbsp yogurt for our family usually). Cover with a clean towel and let sit overnight.

Put water on to boil, the same amount you put in the oats the other night (2 cups for me). When it is boiling, add the oat mixture and simmer to a good thickness, stirring frequently.

Serve with more yogurt or cream, apple butter, favorite jelly, honey, fresh fruit or whatever else you want to add for sweetness/flavor. Or eat plain!

Our favorite toppings:
Homemade apple butter mixed in tastes like apple cinnamon oatmeal.
More yogurt and fresh peaches makes peaches & cream oatmeal
Blueberries & yogurt
Strawberry jam
cinnamon, brown sugar & raisins...
lots of options!


Jessica said...

so, do you leave it out on the counter overnight or in the fridge? can it go bad at all if its left out?

KMDuff said...

I leave it on the counter. It's important to use yogurt with active live bacteria b/c they protect it from going bad.

piscesgrrl said...

So, all yogurt doesn't have active live bacteria? How do I know?

We've been on an oatmeal kick here - it's such a warm, cozy breakfast!

KMDuff said...

It will say on the label: Live acidophulus or live and active cultures. In the ingredient list or on the front. Most plain yogurts have them, its the flavored yogurts that may not.


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